A Journey Into My African World


Africa has a diverse culture that is rich and varied from one country to the next. We have West Africa, East Africa, North Africa and South Africa. According to the African culture, every single person is very important and how you relate to your community and the surroundings makes it so. Therefore your actions and decisions affect the whole community and the people around you in every single way. This is recognized in Yoruba language that says “Igi kan ko le da’gbo se” meaning a tree does not make a forest which technically means no man is an Island, we need each other and it applies to all African communities. Africans are warm, friendly and we care for each other.

Throughout Africa, people speak different kinds of languages and engage in a variety of religious practices. Family is the centerpiece of all the tribes of Africa regardless of the varied culture or tribes in different countries.

Most people staying in Africa are indigenous but four hundred years ago Arabs, Europeans, and Asians have migrated to Africa. With them came different kinds of practices which have threatened to undermine the African culture. However, some traditional customs still remain.

The following are some of the tribal customs that show the essence of African culture:


What people wear across Africa varies from country to country based on the religion, traditional beliefs and customs. Some cultures love wearing colorful clothing while others prefer those with less color and also include threads that are shiny. Jewelry is part of our beauty enhancement.


The African culture is full of art and craft such as beading, weaving, sculpture, pottery, jewelry and many more. However African art has distinctive features depending on the region and the values and traditions of the people in that particular region. Some of the common features that appear in those arts include women, animals, and couples. Masks are also used to represent some religious beliefs and spiritual practices to honor the ancestors.


There is a diversification of music in Africa. This is mainly because of the invasion of people from the western world who have influenced the African music. However, the traditional music played in many parts of Africa involves beating of drums and singing and other musical instruments such as talking drum, omele, bata all popular among the Yorubas. Drums, flute,  Ogene, Igba and Ichaka add rhythm to Igbo music


Region, tribe and locality are determining factors for the types of foods consumed by people from different regions in Africa. In Nigeria for example, Yorubas from Ibadan love Amala with Gbegiri and Ewedu soup, the Ijebus love Ikokore, Ondo people love their Pounded Yam with Egusi soup whether morning or night. Hausas are known for their Tuwo served with Miya, taushe, kaka or dagedage soup. Ibos are known for Eba or gari with oha, nsala, akwu, okazi or ofe owerri soup.

Come along with me as we explore African Essence together. Do you have any information about your tribe or community? Please share in the comment button.

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